Democrats to Use Illegals in Military to Disarm US Citizens, Reveals Retired Army Col. Macgregor!

In a recent interview with renowned journalist Tucker Carlson, Retired Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor issued a stern warning to Americans about the potential dangers of allowing illegal immigrants to serve in the armed forces.

This article, originally published on by Kelen McBreen, discusses the implications of the Democrat-proposed “Courage to Serve Act.” This legislation would provide illegal immigrants with an expedited path to citizenship if they enlist in the U.S. military. This comes at a time when recruitment goals are not being met due to unpopular globalist wars and far-left ideologies being imposed on soldiers.

During their discussion, Carlson expressed his concern that Democrats are essentially inviting an invasion of our country without using military force to stop it. He fears that they plan to populate our military with these invaders and naively hope for the best.

Carlson also warned that this could be a stepping stone towards creating a police state in America, where citizens are threatened by foreign invaders armed with our weapons.

Col. Macgregor echoed these sentiments, suggesting that the current ruling class in America seems intent on tearing down the country to build their “Brave New World” on its ruins.

Macgregor further noted that many of the illegal immigrants currently entering the country have no loyalty to American values or the Constitution. Instead, they are drawn by the benefits promised by the Biden administration and Soros-funded NGOs.

“None of these people are Americans, we know from having interviewed them they have no aspiration to be Americans. What they aspire to is to get in to the consumption machine. Get the ticket of entry, the free check, the free phone, the free transportation tickets, the free food, free medical care,” he said.

The political establishment is telling these illegal immigrants that Americans who disagree with their agenda are criminals. Macgregor asked rhetorically: “What better solution than finding people who have no connection to the American people, arming them, and then sending them out to oppress us?”

The videos below provide evidence that not only military-aged men but actual military personnel are illegally entering America:

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